Atomic Habits: Didn’t Islam teach us these already?

Atomic Habits: Didn't Islam teach us these already?

Atomic Habits Book From Muslim Perspective

I’ve been engrossed in this enlightening book, “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. Mashallah, it’s packed with wisdom, and I couldn’t help but see parallels with our Islamic teachings. Let me share some of these insights with you and let me know if you agree with me on these points or not (if you read the book, of course):

  1. The Power of Compound Growth:
    James dives deep into how tiny, consistent improvements can yield massive results over time. It’s like planting a seed and watching it grow, right? This immediately took my mind to “Sadaqah Jariyah” in Islam. Imagine doing a small act of kindness or charity, and the rewards just keep coming, alhamdulillah. It’s the same principle!
  2. Habit Formation:
    The book breaks down habits into a loop โ€“ cue, craving, response, and reward. It’s fascinating! Our Five Pillars are pretty much built on this loop. The Adhan, for instance, is our cue. That spiritual longing we feel? That’s the craving. The peace after Salah? Pure reward, Alhamdulillah. Don’t you think?
  3. The Four Laws of Behavior Change:
    • Make it Obvious: James emphasizes clarity in our goals. It’s like when we set our Niyyah before any act in Islam. It’s not just about doing; it’s about understanding why we’re doing it.
    • Make it Attractive: When we truly grasp the virtues of our acts of worship, they become so much more appealing. It’s like looking forward to iftar during a long day of fasting. ๐Ÿ™‚
    • Make it Easy: James talks about reducing barriers to good habits. Reminds me of the hadith where our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) advised simplicity in our actions: “Make things easy and do not make them difficult.”
    • Make it Satisfying: That immediate satisfaction after doing something good? James says it’s crucial for habit formation. It’s like the tranquility we feel after our du’as. That inner peace (Sakinah) we feel after acts of worship? That’s the immediate satisfaction James talks about.
  4. The Role of Environment:
    James is big on creating conducive environments for habits. It’s like how we cherish our prayer spaces at home or how we feel at peace in the masjid. Our surroundings matter!
  5. The Importance of Identity:
    This was a game-changer for me. James urges us to embody the identity of who we aspire to be. It’s not just about doing Muslim things but genuinely being a good Muslim at heart, inshallah.
  6. Advanced Tactics:
    James introduces this cool “never miss twice” rule. It resonated with me because, in our deen, when we slip up, we’re encouraged to bounce back, make Tawbah, and not persist in our mistakes.
  7. The Dark Side of Habits:
    He warns about habits becoming mere routines without soul. It’s a timely reminder for us to engage in Muhasabah, reflecting on our actions and intentions, ensuring they’re for Allah’s sake.
  8. The Goldilocks Rule:
    James talks about challenges being just right โ€“ not too hard, not too easy. It’s like the Quranic wisdom that Allah doesn’t overburden a soul. We’re tested, but always within our capacity.
  9. The Role of Community:
    The book beautifully highlights the power of community. It’s like our Ummah, right? Being in good company, attending study circles, or just being with friends who remind you of Allah can make all the difference.
  10. Continuous Improvement:
    James concludes with the essence of always growing, always improving. It’s our lifelong journey in Islam, right? Seeking knowledge, bettering ourselves, and getting closer to Allah.

For key takeaways and book summary, you can check this video on YouTube too:

Honestly, friends, if you’re on a journey of self-improvement and want to align it with our beautiful deen, this book is a treasure. I’d say grab a copy on and I am sure you’ll find it as enlightening as I did, inshallah. Highly recommended!

Stay blessed and keep growing, everyone!


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