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An Eventful Weekend At MLE Manchester 2018

We had a memorable and very exciting weekend at the Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2018 held in Manchester’s Event City last weekend. We would like to take this special opportunity to thank Rooh Chai, our neighboring partner over the weekend who spoiled us with their delicious chai and baklava. We managed to meet some amazing inspirational […]
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Meet Us At The Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2018

The leading Muslim Lifestyle Event  is back again for 2018, this time being held in Manchester City’s ‘Event City‘ which is the second largest event venue outside of London, accessible by all transport routes and conveniently situated right next to one of the largest shopping centres in the UK, the Intu Trafford Centre. It’s all happening […]
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Donate A Website For Your Masjid For Only £60 A Year

Yes, that’s right, for only £60.00 per year you can donate a complete website with all the amazing and productive functions such as Ask Imam, Prayer Timetables, Latest news and Events, Donate feature and much more. We are all aware of the benefits of having a website especially in this day and age when everything […]
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Integrating Social Media Into Your Website

Owning a business in 2018 involves a lot more than purchasing a brick store. Getting your presence known in the virtual world is gaining importance, and this doesn’t mean websites alone. Marketing and promotions have reached new levels, and those who don’t keep up, often lose a lot of business that can be gained from […]
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A Review Of Your Website’s Needs

PHYSIOLOGICAL NEEDS The most basic human need is physiological – Can we survive without it?  Humans need basic resources like food, water and shelter to survive. Have you ever thought of what a website needs to survive, and not die? For a website, the resources largely come from the server.  Does it have enough CPU, […]
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Does Your Website Need Reviews?

YES Of course it does! Our websites need one to one time to develop in the same way an employee does. Why do we do reviews and one to ones with employees do you think? Because very rarely does a new recruit develop into an experienced, motivated, high performing key employee without some sort of […]
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Does Your Website Get Sick?

Well, actually your website kind of does get sick! When we first launch our website, it is young, fit and full of health.  Then the website is used, content is added and removed, data is collected and archived, errors happen, logs are filled.  It’s ability to handle this is like your diet.  A good diet […]
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